Welcome to the website of Faringdon & District U3A. We hope that you will find much to interest you, whether you are already a member or merely browsing.

Faringdon U3A has been in existence since 2002 and currently has about 450 members. We think we offer something for all who are eligible to join us – anyone who is not in full time employment. We have a total of 50 interest groups, ranging from Astronomy to Art History, Bridge to Spanish and Family History to Opera. We also have monthly meetings in the Corn Exchange, Faringdon which offer the opportunity to hear fascinating talks as well as the chance to mix with other members. Our Newsletter is published every three months and contains up to date news of the activities of the Committee and Interest Groups as well as details of forthcoming monthly talks. Much of this information can also be found on this site. We are affiliated to the Third Age Trust, our parent body, but have our own constitution . Information about National activities that may be of interest to members, such as Summer Schools, Shared Learning Projects and other joint activities can be found here. In addition we have over recent years enjoyed our association with the Thames Valley Network of U3As. Information on forthcoming activities received from TVN can also be found here. This is a new and developing website and our hope is that members and, in particular, Group Leaders will become used to providing us with material to improve and enhance the information provided.

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Late News, Messages and Newsletter Amendments

Date changed Webpage Details
17th January Astronomy February Sky at Night
17th January Ramblers Latest details for the next walk on Thursday 26th January
8th January Thames Valley Network 2nd chance for popular event
7th January Theatre Goers Lots of new Theatre trips
2nd January 2017 Astronomy January Sky at Night
1st January 2017 Diary Diary for January posted
7th December See below Membership Renewal time
30th November Newsletter Winter Newsletter

Membership renewal – 2017 renewals are now due.  You can now renew your membership online here.  You will also, as usual, have received a renewal form with the Winter Newsletter in the post.  Membership fees remain unchanged and we look forward to receiving your renewal.  Full details can be seen on the Contacts & Membership page.

If you pay online, please ensure that you make both the online payment and complete either the online or paper form.  We cannot process your membership renewal until we have received your form.

The next monthly meeting will be on Thursday 9th February

Please see details of all monthly meetings here.

Diary page

At the beginning of each month we update the diary page to show the various activities for the coming month. We take the information from the Newsletter and from updates sent by group leaders. You will see if you visit the Diary that there are one or two gaps where we don’t have all the details we would like to display. If Group Leaders, or members of the relevant groups, can provide the missing information we will post it asap.

New Groups – update (October 2016)

It’s pleasing to report that our U3A continues to form new groups. “Ukulele Group”, “Current Affairs Group” ,  “Ashmolean Museum Group” , “Striders” and “Italian As Beginners”  have all successfully started this year.

Setting up a new group is not an onerous task and financial resources are available if initial costs are involved. It is also worth pointing out that a “Group Leader” is not a necessity. One of the most successful of fairly recently established groups – History of Art – was launched with a “Facilitator”, charged with the responsibility of organising rather than leading.

If there are subjects or areas which are not currently catered for but which would interest you as Group Leader, Group Facilitator or Group Member please contact either Ken Bowley (Groups Co-ordinator) or Peter Smith (Chairman) and we will see what we can do.