Welcome to the website of Faringdon & District U3A. We hope that you will find much to interest you, whether you are already a member or merely browsing.


Faringdon U3A has been in existence for 12 years and currently has almost 500 members. We think we offer something for all who are eligible to join us – anyone who is not in full time employment. We have a total of 50 interest groups, ranging from Astronomy to Art History, Bridge to Spanish and Family History to Opera. We also have monthly meetings in the Corn Exchange, Faringdon which offer the opportunity to hear fascinating talks as well as the chance to mix with other members.

Our Newsletter is published every three months and contains up to date news of the activities of the Committee and Interest Groups as well as details of forthcoming monthly talks. Much of this information can also be found on this site.

We are affiliated to the Third Age Trust, our parent body, but have our own constitution . In addition we have over recent years enjoyed our association with the Thames Valley Network of U3As. Information on forthcoming activities received from TVN can also be found here.

This is a new and developing website and our hope is that members and, in particular, Group Leaders will become used to providing us with material to improve and enhance the information provided.

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Late News, Messages and Newsletter Amendments

Monthly meeting in the Corn Exchange

Thursday November 13th. 2.30pm

“BRITAIN and EUROPE: WHAT NEXT?”  This year and next will see various elections highlighting the importance of this question. Our speaker is Dr. Jonathan Scheele, recent holder of the first E.U. Visiting Fellowship at St. Anthony’s College in Oxford. Before returning to Oxford he worked in the E.U. Commission in Brussels.

Liaison with Carterton U3A: In a new project we are co-operating with Carterton U3A (and possibly Witney U3A) in a scheme that will, if numbers allow, permit our members to attend Carterton groups and Carterton members to attend Faringdon groups. Further information is available here 

Theatregoers: New for 2015 

And NOW another Stratford outing, bookings required ASAP.

More info here on all our planned trips.

Travel Group – Just returned from the Isle of Man – see a selection of photos here and read a report here

FOLK DANCING – an Appeal! We thoroughly enjoy our monthly get-togethers, when we exercise  bodies and minds, desperately trying to remember which is left and which is right. There are, though, only eight of us who attend regularly which means we don’t get a chance to “sit out” and recover. We would love it if a few more members would join us. Why not give it a try and us a rest? Our next meeting is Thursday 6th November.

NEW GROUPS: We have several new or embryonic groups


 A new group is being launched using TALK FRENCH, a BBC course for improving your French.

Contact:  Rosemary Martindale 01367 242008 / rosemarymartindale@yahoo.co.uk

Some spaces are now available in the present French groups at intermediate and advanced levels.

Contact : Françoise Stacey  01367 241813 / barry.stacey@virgin.net

The Travel Groupdetails can be found here

The FAB (Faringdon Appreciation of Berners) Group

The Circle Dance groupmore details here

 Digital Photography for Beginners – For further information contact
Anthony Burdall, 2 Fernham Road, Faringdon – Tel: 01367 240713
Email: anthony.burdall@burdall.net